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the Art of Creating the Perfect Focal Point in Interior Design


One of the most important principles in interior design, the Focal Point is the design element that makes a statement. A focal point highlights a certain feature and draws your attention the moment you enter the room. It’s an eye-catching element that brings balance into the living space, and it’s the one thing that every room needs. Unique architectural features and fireplaces are examples of natural focal points, but if your room doesn’t have one, don’t worry. Look at your room as an empty canvas you can use to be creative and introduce a focal point of your own. In this article, we’re taking a look at the elements you can use as a focal point and all the different ways you can implement this key component into your room’s design.

Accent walls as attention-drawing features

design a focal point

Probably one of the easiest ways to transform your room and create a focal point, using a wall as your statement piece gives you a chance to be creative and personalize your living space. A quick and inexpensive way to do it would be to give your wall a fresh coat of paint and rely on bold colors to enhance the visual interest of the room. That is one of the most popular options, but you have all the freedom to choose the route you want to take. Self-adhesive, patterned wallpapers are another great idea for creating feature walls – just be sure to introduce a focal point using the wall that is furthest from the entry.

Amazing artwork as a statement piece


Another way to use your existing features to create a focal point would be to hang attention-grabbing artwork. If you don’t want to paint your walls or cover them with wallpapers, this can be a great way to put your plain walls to good use. Interesting artwork can help set the mood in the room and can serve as a design element you can center your decor around. Tie the colors in the artwork with the rest of your room’s design, and make sure you select the right size of the painting as well. Position it on a plain, bare wall and use accent lighting to emphasize this decor element.

Eye-catching furniture pieces as showstoppers focal point

eye catching furniture

Big tables in dining rooms and large beds in bedrooms instantly draw the eye towards them, acting as centerpieces which you can enhance with eye-catching decor pieces such as flowers and throw pillows. Bathrooms, on the other hand, don’t have natural focal points, and when renovating them, many homeowners tend to forget to include one into their design. Vanities, for example, make for the perfect bathroom focal points, which is why reno-loving Aussies like to order custom made vanity from Sydney that accommodates their bathrooms’ spatial requirements, resulting in aesthetic and efficient enclosures. With a pair of gorgeous wall sconces, a vanity can become an instant showstopper and increase the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom.

Backsplashes as the perfect focal point for the kitchen

kicthen backsplashes

What mirrors and artwork do for the living room, backsplashes do for the kitchen. Other than being a very practical addition, they can be used to capture the attention and enhance the design of your kitchen space. Installing a bold-colored or patterned backsplash behind the stove is a great way to bring out the existing character of your kitchen. You can choose to use the same pattern for your backsplash and countertops to create a cohesive look, or you can go with statement tiles to create a unique, modern cooking area.

Focal points bring out the best in your home and help make the most of your room’s design. Even if the room doesn’t have a natural focal point, you can rely on different design elements such as furniture, artwork, or even accent walls to create one and make a statement. Whether you’re staging your home or simply want to ensure your home looks its best, by following these four tips, you’re sure to take your room’s design to a whole new level and make your home look as if it was styled by a professional.

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